We achieve so much more working together

Welcome to Woking Schools Learning Partnership

Welcome to Woking Schools Learning Partnership, which works collaboratively with its member schools to provide an outstanding educational system for all children in Woking.

We aim to offer support through our Leadership, Early Years, Teachers and CPD sections, along with a forum which will enable staff to communicate with each other on current issues and ask questions or obtain best practice ideas.

What’s going on in the Governors world can be found on the Leadership page together with a Heads forum.

Details of 33 schools that form the partnership can be found on our member’s page.

We value your feedback on how the website is working for you, so please contact Adie Gould by email here if you have any feedback or ideas for the website.

Chair: Elaine Cooper Goldsworth Primary School
Bridge Barn Lane
Surrey GU21 6NL

Woking School Learning Partnership Administrator - Mrs Adie Gould Telephone - 07891 282 799

Email Address admin@wslp.co.uk